Production Manager

The Production manager oversees the manufacturing process and make sure that production lines are running smoothly and efficiently. He works closely with supervisors and maintenance staff to plan work, set targets and make sure the finished products meet quality standards.
Key Responsibilities:
• planning and organising production schedules
• assessing project and resources requirements
• determining quality control standards
• overseeing production processes
• re-negotiating timescales or schedules as necessary
• selecting, ordering and purchasing materials
• organising the repair and routine maintenance of production equipment
• liaison with buyers, marketing and sales staff
• supervising the work of junior staff
Function criteria:
• Strong tecnical skills
• Ability to communicate clearly with staff at all levels
• Good problem-solving skills
• A deep understanding of manufacturing processes
• Knowledge of electricity: mono-phase and tri-phase, Low Voltage and medium voltage.
• Knowledge of pneumatics and hydraulics.
• Very good understanding of regulation including PID regulator and PLC.
• Knowledge of hydraulics.
• Able to understand the trouble shouting, to read any type of drawings (mechanical, electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic).
• Knowledge of biomass boiler (how it performs and how to run it safely) as well as turbines (condensing and back-pressure)
• Knowledge of the production processes, for palm oil (mill, refinery and fractionation).
• Result oriented and focused on losses minimization.
• Able to run a factory in a safely and a cleanly manner.
• Good understand of waste water treatment.

West Africa
Medium (5 - 10 yrs)


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